Beringei Code of Conduct

Last updated: December 8, 2021

We are part of our close‐knit community of artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fans, and customers, and to protect our community and facilitate its growth, we require that you only add content and engage in discussion on our site and platforms that is:

1. Positive about our entire community and everyone on it,

2. Non‐political discussion on the platform,

3. Lacking in any hate speech, harassment, or bullying,

4. Not exclusionary or alienating speech or involving any type of discrimination,

5. Not encouraging the publication of suicide, self‐harm, dangerous acts, and eating disorders,

6. Not threating or inciting of violence or harassment,

7. Non‐violent and void of graphic content involving humans or animals, cruelty, or gore,

8. Absent guns, controlled substances, drugs, alcohol ,and tobacco products,

9. Not including any nudity or sexual activity,

10. Protects the safety and privacy of minors and is absent any child sexual or labor exploitation,

11. Does not promote or display illegal activities,

12. Does not engage in terrorism, hate groups promotion, or organized crime,

13. Embodies integrity and authenticity and only uses your personally created content.

14. Is absent of misinformation, spam, defamation, impersonation, and identity theft, and

15. Perpetuates no deception to defraud us or our user community, either professionally or personally.

To protect our community and facilitate its growth, Beringei reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate, remove, or temporarily block any individual, any user account, or any shared content or discussion that violates the Beringei Code of Conduct. Thank you for respecting and participating in our community.


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