neon gorilla on brick

Making an impact just got a whole lot easier

Positioned at the junction between innovative, conscious fashion and self-empowerment, Beringei is here to shake up the industry in a brand new way. Crafted to match the needs and desires of the emerging generations, we’re serving fashion in a way that’s fast-paced and adaptive - just like you.

By voting on our talented designers’ creations, you directly influence which pieces get produced, and how many of them. This way, we can accurately estimate which items will be purchased, drastically cutting down waste that would otherwise live out its days in a landfill.

We don’t think landfills are any place for fashion, so the items that aren’t sold immediately will have a chance for a second life in either or both of our additional sales runs. It really is that simple: you vote, we produce, you buy, and together, we all leave the planet a little better than we found it.


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